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img_4938-kopie  Ann Bayhurst

I take full responsibility for anything I do or do not do. Everything I give is field-tested, directly applicable and efficient. I am a reliable partner for my customers and I justify the confidence and trust in me.

It is my endeavour that other people become more successful through my work, thereby getting access to their own skills and competencies with ease, joy, spirit and love, and/or discovering new competencies they need for their success in life. I do everything to get as many users and implementers of the contents of my seminars. I do this  also conscious that it fosters the repute of Ann Bayhurst Consulting & Coaching at best. In order to continuously raise the value of working together with me for my customers, I keep improving myself.

Transfer of seminar and consulting contents is developed in a constant dialogue with the participants and insured through practically relevant exercises. I choose a holistic approach. The integration of training, consulting and coaching together with individual care will provide a significant added value far beyond the scope of classical seminars and trainings.

My attitude is cooperative, individual and supportive through constant dialogue with my customers. Authenticity with mutual respect and absolute trustworthyness are the basis for productive cooperation. I know that whoever wants to help others create change must, at first, bring full acceptance of the existing.

Ann Bayhurst