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Why did the secretary turn red after my politely asking her for something completely normal?

Break in the business meeting in New York. A German delegation and their US American business partners have been discussing all morning. Coffees are served, a snack… You are just noting down a few things, and now you need this thing… to remove some of your notes… where is the secretary… ah, there… let’s ask her… Erm, excuse me, do you have a rubber for me?… and now, surprise surprise, she is turning red in the face.

What’s wrong? What issue does she have with my question?… after a long moment of silence in which you are fidgeting with your pencil and your notepad, you point onto the rubber lying on her desk. She hands it to you. Thank you… Still, she seems to you somewhat relieved… why?, you ask yourself… her face is still in your mind, when it suddenly flares up to you: ERASER, that thing is called ERASER here in the United States! Aha!… and what is then a rubber here?… mmh, think please… YES, and that’s why the secretary turned red at first. Got it!

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